At an early age, I knew I wanted to be an artist.  My grandfather was Chairman of the Music Department at Syracuse University, therefore I was raised with an appreciation and love for the arts.  From art clubs in elementary and high school to earning a BFA in 1976 at Emporia State University, I was able to experience various medias, but always gravitated toward working with metal.  After college, marriage and a family, I was able to return to working full-time as an artist when we moved to Lawrence, KS in the late 1980s.  I was employed as manager of Oxbow Foundry and befriended Eldon Tefft, Founder of the International Sculptor Guild and Chair of the University of KS Art Dept. This relationship along with working with Master Sculptor Kuan Wu, enabled me to further develop my skills.  Upon returning to Lyon County in 1997, I established my foundry, Veritas Bronze in Reading, KS, where I have continued to pursue my craft and passion.   As the owner /operator of the foundry, I have had the opportunity to cast for many accomplished artists which has enabled me to produce my own work.  Over the last decade I have designed and executed numerous well known monumental pieces including several statues of Kansas Heroes.  Some of these include: 

*The Negro League Baseball Museum

     This museum is designed around notable players on an indoor field.  Twelve bronze life-sized figures were installed in 1997 at the historic 18th and Vine in Kansas City.  The gala event was hosted by Bob Costas and invocation was given by Ken Burns.     

*Young Eisenhower

     The town of Abilene, KS commissioned me to create a version of their most famous individual, Dwight Eisenhower as a boy.  The placement of the statue is in the city park with 360 degree views.  The Eisenhower family was involved and concluded the piece as successful. 

*Seth Hays Memorial

     One of Council Groves most prominent citizens was Seth Hays, who at 60 years of age adopted a young girl, Kitty, due to the death of her mother.  The citizens of Council Grove requested that a life sized statue of Seth and Kitty be constructed and placed in front of the historic home site of Seth Hays.  A young native American girl was also included in the piece as seen in attached photos.  The piece was well received and remains a popular tourist attraction. 

*War Memorial

     A roundabout in Junction City, KS was completed in 2011 to commemorate our war heroes.  The bronze monolith is placed around an eighteen foot stone and depicts service men in various roles.  The piece is especially memorable to me as several of the individuals depicted were family members.  Two of the solders were local heroes from Americus, Ks.  The twin brothers served together in WWII and one of the young men was fatally wounded, dying in a fox hole in his brother’s arms in Iwo Jima.   


Other prominent pieces include the Merrill Lynch Bull, Amarillo, Texas; Front Façade of NY NY Casino,  Las Vegas; Negro League Baseball Players, Legacy Square-Pittsburgh Pirates Stadium, Pittsburgh PA,. Current projects include Pocket Park Statues in downtown Topeka, KS.  Please contact me for further information and/or pictures of other public and private sculptures.